08 November 2011

Sonim Phones - Handphone tahan lasak kini di Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera.....


1) EXTRA LONG LIFE BATTERY-For continuous use of GPS-base application.(Up to 18 hours of talk time or up to 2 months on standby)

2) ACCESSIBLE KEYPAD-Uniquely designed for ease of use with large or gloved hands.

3) EXTRA LOUD SPEAKER-For use in noisy environments. Capable of producing up to 110dB of noise.(Equivalent of being in a rock concert)

sealed against the intrusion of industrial micro-particles.

5) WATER SUBMERSIBLE-Fully submersed in fresh and salt water at depth of 3meter for 1 hour.

6) DROP/IMPACT RESISTANT-Designed not to dropped to concrete, but rather to be thrown into it from atop a ladder.(Tested from 6.5 ft concrete from any angle)

7) SHOCK/VIBRATION RESISTANT-Internal components were designed to withstand the G-forces from sudden vibration massive impacts.

8) EXTREMELY TEMPERATURE RESILIENCY-Built for and tested in the most extreme climates across globe from the Arctic Circle to the Mojave Desert.(Operates in temperatures ranging from -5F to +130F)

9) RESISTANT TO EXTREME PRESSURE-Built to withstand being stepped on by an elephant or driven over by a truck.(Withstand up to 1 ton of pressure)

10) PUNCTURE PROOF-Although not bulletproof, the Sonim's Gorilla glass lens can double as a hammer and is extremely scratch resistant.(Can withstand up to 5J of impact energy on housing and up to 2J of impact energy on screen)

11) RESISTANT TO PETROLEUM AND OTHER CHEMICALS-Designed to be both resistant to the corrosive nature of chemicals and to be easily cleanable when using the right solvent.(Tested against 500+ chemicals)

12) 3 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY-Sonim will cover any accidental breakage of malfunction of the phone for 3 years.

Ni aku nak share info tentang handphone yg tahan lasak yang sangat sesuai kepada sesiapa yang bekerja dalam situasi yg mencabar dan mempunyai hobi dalam sukan lasak seperti mendaki gunung, scuba diving.... Jika mahu lihat kemampuan handphone, sila ke website: http://www.sonimtech.com/company/110829_guinness.php

Jika berminat sila hubungi di talian 018-383 3401 
(En. Shamshul) atau emel: shamshul@gassb.net

Sekian. Terima kasih. 


  1. resistant to chemical...tough hset nih...

    1. Memang tough. Kalo pegang mmg nampak rugged...

  2. Replies
    1. Best. Sesuai pada yang sukakan aktiviti lasak.



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